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Toronto, CA

Bryan Espiritu is an artist and designer from Toronto, Canada. As the owner and creative lead behind his brand The Legends League, he's built a dedicated following of brand supporters through candid personal writing and thought-provoking design and artwork.

Pooling the majority of his creative inspirations from past hardships, his work frequently communicates stories and concepts wrought with deep personal meaning translated through simplified art and design. His first solo art exhibit, "Because The Kids Don't Play" consisted of 56 canvases and launched the addition of fine art to his career. He has since exhibited next to Mike Giant, Sam Flores and Hydro 74.

His client list includes Nike, Drake LiveStock Canada, Sony and The Hudson's Bay Company.


GT Scramble Mid Boot Review

GT Scramble – Mid Fabric Leather Brown/Blue (Style #2215R)

For our hike through the Evergreen Brickworks I wore the Timberland GT Scramble Hiker in Brown/Navy/Red. This colour way is a little more athletic than their other GT Scramble offerings which I was stoked on as it works perfectly with my personal style preferences on a day to day. Understanding Timberland's positioning as a function and fashion brand whose focus isn't strictly on catering to the extreme outdoorsmen but also the everyday person gave me a greater appreciation for this boot being considered a "Street Hiker"; something I can wear to grab coffee or walk a trail in.

I was shocked with the minimal weight and noticeable comfort of the boot when I first put it on. Having problematic feet and wearing orthotics makes it difficult for me to find non-athletic shoes that are comfortable to walk in, let alone hike for hours through trails, streets, rocks and water in. Having always wanted a classic hiking boot with D-ring lacing, contrasting fabrics and pop colour laces, the GT Scramble Hiker was a welcome first in my collection.