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Washington may be one of the most popular names in American history but this particular Washington is undoubtedly one of a kind. Hailing from the biggest borough in Toronto, this Scarborough native spent the first half of his life glued to the hardwood before he found his true calling in design. Today you can find him nowhere, as he spends most of his days locked away in front of his computer serving up the graphic goodness you've come to expect from Inqmind.

“Walk Mith Me resonates on a deeper level than just the act of walking.”

GT Scramble Mid Boot Review

GT Scramble – Mid Fabric Leather Dark Brown/Orange (Style #2216R)

Timberland's GT Scramble is reminiscent of The North Face's classic Berkeley Boot, but it's definitely distinct enough to carry it's own weight. Regardless of any similarities to other boots, these are in fact the most comfortable ones I've ever put on my feet. And that's saying a lot considering I live in Toronto – a city that gets its fair share of precipitation during the fall/winter months.

The sole has that soft, spring-like feel that you've come to expect from most sneakers, but because this is a boot, it completely changes the experience. Also worth mentioning is that half of what makes any shoe comfortable, however often overlooked, is the feeling of the upper against the top of your foot – wiggle your toes and you'll see what I mean – and these GT Scramble's have an extra bit of padding, which not only adds to its high level of comfort but also helps to keep your toes nice and toasty on those extra cold nights.

If you're looking for a comfortable hiking boot, these come highly recommended, just be careful when you wear them because for some weird reason Timberland decided to use a suede-like material, which during those mix precipitation days can scare even the most daring of footwear aficionados.


I've lived in Toronto my whole life, and although there are a ton of places to hike in and around the city, somehow I managed to neglect the inner most hiking trail right in the core of the city – The Don Valley Parkway (DVP).

We started out at the Evergreen Brickworks – kind of the unofficial epicentre of the DVP – where we had a chance to kick it with each other and some of the good people at Timberland. It was here where we got into some of the finer details of what was planned for the day, but before we headed out on our inner city adventures, we need to fuel up. So we enjoyed a terrific meal at Cafe Belong. Good people and good food is always a good way to set the tone for an afternoon of bromancing.

After lunch it really was just a casual day of shooting the shit with each other on the trail. Which is nice because so rarely are we able to detach ourselves from the never ending flow of information of the internet to appreciate the subtleties of mother nature. And it was all thanks to Timberland!