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Toronto, CA

If anyone is living up to their billing, Karla “hustleGRL” Moy certainly fits the mold. The Toronto native, who turned 20 in June, has already been featured in magazines and websites alike for her graphic designing abilities. What’s even more special? She taught herself. Moy, who is the brainchild behind behind her own site (www.hustleGRL.com), is also the architect of Hip-Hop superstar Drake’s then official fan site, All Things Fresh. To understand what the bubbling empire of Moy actually is, one must understand where it evolved. Already a veteran in her profession, Karla has actually been turning a profit from her work since the tender age of 12. Soon after, she would go on to gain wisdom from several mentors including Toronto’s youth program “The Remix Project.” From there, she found herself working with various independent music artists and eventually numerous acts signed to Universal Records – including designing the cover of Lil Wayne’s latest mixtape, No Ceilings & Sorry 4 The Wait, and his incarcerated e-diary, www.weezythanxyou.com.

“Half of the time, you never really appreciate things until you experience it.”

Earthkeepers® Radler Trail Suede Low Review

Earthkeepers® Radler Trail Suede Low Blue Berry (Style: 2001R)

During my hike with Timberland and Marcus Troy, I wore low cut/blue/suede Earthkeepers Radler Trail hiking shoes. The Walk With Me by Marcus Troy experience was nothing but amazing with a high comfort level thanks to the hiking shoes I was provided by Timberland. We hiked for over 5km and I can honestly admit that going for another 10km would be no big deal. With that being said, those shoes were the most comfortable pair of sneakers that I have ever worn. Timberland's Earthkeepers Radler Trail are lightweight, durable, semi water-resistant and one of a kind. And that shade of blue? Totally a great choice.


My Walk With Me experience was nothing but greatness. Considering the fact that I've never been hiking, it was really cool to be able to do so for the first time with my peers in the blogosphere. Half of the time, you never really appreciate things until you experience it. Being from a part of town where there aren't many forests and chains of rivers, Walk With Me exposed me to a green world that I barely knew existed, in the heart of Toronto. The long trees, rivers, little ponds, bugs, trails, the fresh air, hills, I could go on. If I could do another Walk With Me adventure, I'd be there in a heart beat.