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Montreal, CA

A tireless explorer of urban landscapes, Montreal-based photographer Naskademini builds affecting and compelling observations, at once embedded in the narrative yet consistently voyeuristic. I have always found that cities made for far better escapes than the countryside - I take comfort in anonymity, I pick my vantage point and record my observations. The city opens up and reveals a logic at once emotional and mathematical, a grid in which we play, love and persevere.

“I never expected that type of scenery at the brickworks compound from a great metropolitan city like Toronto.”

Earthkeepers® GT Scramble Boot Review

Earthkeepers® GT Scramble – Mid Leather Waterproof Cactus/Chili Red (Style #2203R)

The first time I slipped my foot into the scramble GT , my initial reaction was " wow what a snug comfortable fit" It took the mould of my foot effortlessly , it was light weight and well constructed.  Usually with any boot after walking for any length of time, my body starts reacting and it tells me that its time to slip into something more comfortable, I did not feel this sentiment at all with the GT. after trekking for about 2 hours through out the city I felt that I could go on alot  longer. The added bonus of this well constructed boot is that it was ready for the worlds elements, The scuffed toe box finish avoided me noticing the mud stains that you would usually get from walking through wet terrain and the fully water proof boot had me walking in puddles without a care in the world. The added bonus of the boot is that not only is it practical it is also very stylish and the colours matched my outfit right out the box! 


The walk with me experience, Was very fun and educational, I never expected that type of scenery at the brickworks compound from a great metropolitan city like Toronto.  There was alot of great moments to capture on video and on film, being surrounded with other bloggers and like minded people was the added value of this great experience with Marcus and the Timberland brand.