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Nick is a longtime blogger and photography enthusiast based in Southern California. He has worked with brands and companies such as Soletechnology, Circa Footwear, Comme des Garcons Guerrilla Store Los Angeles, BLENDS, New Era, Element Skateboards, Oakley and Stussy. He is also the co-creator and co-curator of the "Under the Radar" photo exhibition done in partnership with Stussy and Heel Bruise.

“The scenery was amazing as illustrated by everyone’s photos. It really was picturesque with lush greenery and varying shades of brown.”

GT Scramble Mid Boot Review

GT Scramble – Mid Fabric Leather Brown/Blue (Style #2215R)

When Marcus invited me up to Toronto to participate in this special project with Timberland, I was with it immediately. I’ve always had an affinity for the brand stemming back from when I worked at their retail store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa when I was a real youngin’. They were really doing it then, too, aside from their iconic Wheat Timbs, which I have actually never owned as I was all about their hiking sneakers and boots. When we were presented with the GT Scramble boots in the conference room at their Toronto office, I was sold based off looks. I know that’s a stupid way to go about being into something be it a love interest, or that shiny and pretty, yet always in the shop exotic car, but I really love that vintage hiking boot look. As someone who genuinely enjoys going for a hike, I was extremely eager to give these a go. I put ‘em on, laced ‘em up and the thing I noticed instantly was the springy, sneaker-like feel. They looked dope on the feet, too. Win, win. I noticed some of the other folks on the trip received a waterproof version, but with me living out on the West Coast of the USA, that’s not really an issue as sunny days reign supreme out here.


Hitting the trail with the crew was a blast. The scenery was amazing as illustrated by everyone’s photos. It really was picturesque. Lush greenery, varying shades of brown and people walking dogs. I saw a couple of Weimaraners during the hike. Those are my favorite dogs. So handsome and striking and anyone that’s owned one or been around them enough can attest to their mischievous/comical nature. One of the dogs had a Hannibal Lecter face mask on. Someone asked its owner what the deal was and she casually replied, “he eats other dogs.” We hiked for a good 2 hours at least. Since it’s an activity I partake in at home, I really had a hard time conforming to the pace set by our posse. I wanted to run and really get after it, but I also didn’t want to look like a spaz in front of those on the trip that didn’t know me, which was everyone except Peter, Marcus and Ahmad. I guess it all worked out for the better because I got to take in the trail and its beauty as opposed to just zipping by and missing it all. About an hour into the hike, I noticed how comfortable the GT Scramble is. It had great traction, flexibility, all while offering some nice support. At the conclusion of the hike, the feet felt great. These didn’t need to be broken in at all, which is awesome because breaking boots can be an extremely uncomfortable task. It’s Fall now, so you have a lot of options in the hiking boot world. Outdoor brands have them year round; sneaker companies have their Fall/Winter hikers trickling into shops, but the GT Scramble is one that should not be overlooked.