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Toronto, CA

Director. Designer. Storyteller. Stirling is a classically trained visual artist with an approach that is as dynamic as it is polished. His music video direction perennially achieves high rotation placements. His design work has seen him define national retail environments, break new ground in digital and social media, market legendary cultural icons and present iconic brands in a inspiring and authentic manner. His penchant for trendsetting has seen him work with cultural and commercial powerhouses to connect with leaders of culture and early adapters. His imagery is deftly crafted by connecting bold, broad strokes with the intricacies of culture, lifestyle and authenticity. Nothing goes unnoticed, no detail is arbitrary, nothing is placed in frame without purpose, Stirling’s strength is his ability to produce refined, penetrating visuals. For Stirling, art and commerce are not mutually exclusive. He is as authentic in his skill set and experience as he is in his unbridled lust to create lasting impressions.

“Walk With Me is a call to action.”

Men's 6-Inch Premium Boot Review

Men's 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot

You can't beat a classic. I have a love affair with iconic images and designs where I crave to create them, and romance over ones that have influenced my life. I seek to surround myself with items that are authentic and pure. Dieter Rams outlined a sound description of the principles of good design and I tend to agree with him; but more so my aesthetic was developed at home. My parents laid the path of what I should carry with me on my life's journey. Stay away from the clutter of excess and focus on the good. It's easy to weigh yourself down with the constant accumulation of trend items because there will always be something that is "hot" for the moment. But I prefer to live a life that is edited. A life filled to the brim with less. Choices that last a lifetime. On my walk with Marcus Troy I laced up The Timberland 6" boot.


Wheat Tim's have been in my closet since I was 14 years old and growing up at the gates of Toronto's High Park the juxtaposition of urban landscape and natures beauty always made perfect sense to me. Concrete sidewalks trimming grass filled fields with one hundred year old trees frames a beautiful picture. When I received the call from Marcus he said "we're taking a urban hike" and I immediately thought of my times at High Park and how I trashed a few pairs on rainy days (nothing worse that a scuffed and muddied pair of Wheat Timberlands) but I couldn't recall how comfortable or able the classic 6"s were on rougher terrain. A few hours after we left the Brickworks complex my brow was sweaty, my jacket was in Naskademini's back-pack and my feet felt great. The now iconic lug outsole held their ground on every surface I encountered with stable traction keeping me vertical even on the slickest of surfaces. I had them "boxed laced" and I didn't even feel the need to tighten them up at all. The rigidity of the outsole and the supple upper make for a perfect blend of stability and comfort. Pure and no-nonsense. In my opinion, the beauty of this design is that Timberland presented an answer that feels obvious in the same manner that a circle is the obvious answer to the solution of the wheel. It feels obvious because of the complex simplicity in that they have edited out all of the potential ornamentation and left you with only the real goods. The fit and finishings that provide you with a solid foundation. The Original Timberland stood the test of this walk and will walk with me on the rest of my journeys.