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Montreal, CA

Vincent Tsang first found his love for cameras at a very young age, and has been honing his craft ever since. Self taught and hailing from Montreal,

Canada, Vincent made his well crafted themes and nearly obsessive attention to detail his trademark. Seeing the young photographers natural talent, 3sixteen and Vans were early supporters of Vin- cent’s commercial sensibilities. Soon, with an appearance in GQ THE EYE, he earned himself an invitation to tour with, and document, the Mavericks campaign for Nike in 2010 as well as a Nike Global photography campaign for Nike Livestrong.

Currently, Vincent is working as a video director for Partizan.

“The city's constant hustle and bustle can often blind us from hidden gems. ”

Earthkeepers® GT Scramble Boot Review

Earthkeepers® GT Scramble – Mid Leather Waterproof Brown/Orange (Style #2201R)

Having tested the GT scramble's both in an urban and rural environment during the Walk With Me experience, I can confidently vouch for their versatility. The pre distressed wheat colored suede paired with bright orange laces is reminiscent of a classic trail boot style that can easily be incorporated in an more urban-friendly attire. Crafted with a weather proof suede exterior, the GT Scramble's made our urban hiking experience exceptionally comfortable and most importantly, dry.


The Walk With Me experience was something that really opened my mind to the question of what urban living really consists of. The city's constant hustle and bustle can often blind us from hidden gems. Nudged in a crossroad of freeways, the evergreen brickswork is one of these gems by offering a trail that stretches to about 4kms nested inside a miniature forest. Timberland invited a select group of bloggers to test out these boots and experience the city of Toronto in a different light; one that is reflected by nature's gift. While it was the principle premise of our trip, the boot testing segment was merely an accessory to a larger picture that made great conversation and laughter shared by a group of like-minded thinkers, an even more unforgettable experience.

Thank you Marcus & Timberland.